13-16 mei 2019 - Vinexpo Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the birthplace of the Vinexpo brand and, as one of the most famous wine growing regions in the world, it is still a unique meeting place for wine and spirits professionals. The 2019 event has been brought forward and is scheduled to take place 13-16 May at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre, which is gradually being renovated, in addition to business initiatives introduced at the last two shows.

Voor meer informatie: www.vinexpo.com

About Vinexpo
The company was established in 1981 on the initiative of Bordeaux Gironde’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Vinexpo organises wine and spirits events for industry professionals and acts as the sector’s international partner. The Group boasts over 30 years’ B2B experience and therefore has an in-depth understanding of the market as well as strong relationships with key distributors across the world. It runs exhibitions in five set locations (Bordeaux, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and soon Paris), and one touring show (Vinexpo Explorer). This means Vinexpo covers the three continents with the highest consumption rates and continues to be the market leader for wine events