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First edition of the lifestyle, diet, wine & health congress reconfirms existence of the J-Curve

Press Release, Toledo, Spain, 24 October 2023 - From 19 to 20 October 2023, over 30 international speakers gathered in Toledo, Spain, to discuss the latest scientific developments on lifestyle, diet, wine, and health. More than 180 experts and stakeholders from all over the world gathered for this first edition. 

Co-organised by the Wine Information Council and FIVIN under the high patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, the Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health Congress touched upon a great number of important health aspects related to lifestyle and health such as cardiovascular health, the health implications of lifestyle choices, dietary patterns, the importance of context and longevity, and concluded with a roundtable discussion on how to translate science to society. 

Dr. Nicolai Worm, Chair of the Wine Information Council commented “Presenting the latest data on lifestyle, diet, wine and health was the goal of this congress, the first of its kind and we are proud to say it was a great success”. He continued “We were thrilled to welcome speakers of such high calibre who reconfirmed the validity of the J-curve with regards to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, total mortality and cardiovascular diseases. The importance of the Mediterranean Diet as the best preventive diet in respect to cardiovascular disease mortality and for total mortality as well as for a greater life expectancy with fewer chronic diseases was highlighted. However, a lot remains to be learned about methodology in the science of nutrition to gather the best possible evidence, something that we should certainly focus on in the years to come.”

Other important known facts were confirmed during the two-days congress. The focus was not only on the importance of the Med Diet, including moderate consumption of wine but also on the overall Mediterranean lifestyle. Drinking and eating pattern, a normal body weight, not smoking, social settings, sleep and physical exercise should be all taken into account when considering health aspects. 

We were able to gather the best researchers of the world on lifestyle, diet, nutrients and health in a two-days meeting. More than 30 expert researchers from the five continents presented their work. After the pandemic, it is very important to re-start all scientific meetings where all of us may discuss face-to-face the main issues related to lifestyle and health” said Ramon Estruch, President of FIVIN. He also added that during the Congress the importance of different patterns, the synergy of different foods (including wine) and the role of polyphenols was remarked. All these aspects affect quality of life and longevity, thus, all should take it into account if we want to have a long and full life.   

A declaration aiming to give voice to the many scientists around the world who research diligently, honestly, and successfully in the disciplines concerning lifestyle and health risks to achieve a balanced view of the scientific evidence was also presented during the congress. Over thirty scientists signed the “Lifestyle Matters” declaration which can also be found online. All scientists who would like to support this declaration are invited to sign

The congress concluded by underscoring the importance of communicating science in an objective, easy to understand and unbiased manner, giving consumers the possibility to make informed decisions based on the latest scientific evidence. 

The second Lifestyle, Diet, Wine, and Health congress will take place in Italy in 2025. 

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